Program is very happy to announce a brand new collaboration to take place in Bali – also called the Land of Gods – with mask-maker, performer and arthaus alumni Maria Eugenia Blanco, mask carver I Made Sudirga and Balinese dancer I Made Suteja.
The 3-week program will provide participants with an opportunity to immerse themselves into Balinese culture and traditions, offering a training that includes mask carving, mask theatre and Balinese dance.
We offer an opportunity not only to experience Bali, but to get inside and in contact with the local people, the community, the tradition, and the culture. In other words, to experience Bali from the core.
At the end of the training, the participants will perform in a traditional Balinese house with a Gamelan band (traditional live music), traditional Balinese costumes and traditional masks if desired.
Each participant will also finish at least one mask, and will take his/her mask home.


The training consists of approximately 6 hours per day of classes.
The classes are:

Mask theater

This training goes deep into awakening the inner spirit, exploring how the wooden mask affects each participant, and how each participant affects the masks. It is a unique approach to working and creating with masks.
It is an invitation for the participants to explore what masks open up within, to find new spaces that can be owned, that set us free, to recognise our own resistances, to accept and integrate our own fears, to awake the inner spirit within. It is a quest to discover increased freedom and to release a body blockage by finding life qualities previously unknown.

Mask carving

Masks, for the Balinese, serve as a lighting rods, to collect momentarily a portion of the cosmic energy, the vital life of the Universe. Masks are seen as aids not only in visualizing the divine powers but also in providing them momentary material manifestations.
The participants discover the world of mask carving, working the sacred Balinese wood from a log to a fine piece using axe, hammer, chisels and various knives. The finish will be made by sanding, painting and protecting the mask against humidity, if desired hair can be added for a more realistic look and feel.
What is hidden behind the technique? What is hidden behind the mask? Why are the masks so important for Balinese culture? The answers for these questions might be discovered in the process of making a mask.

Balinese Dance

A Balinese ritual is an invitation for invisible forces to “come down” and listen to human requests for their protection and forbearance. God takes different shapes and forms to visit the world. Balinese dance is performed in Balinese Hindus Temples. Balinese dance is intended for the gods. Therefore, is a sacred dance.
Balinese dance is ancient, is traditional. It is dynamic and intensely expressive, involving every inch of the body.
It requires technique but also flow, it requires control but also freedom. It requires order, but also chaos. It embraces both poles of the Universe, composed of light and darkness.


To be confirmed.

For whom?

The program is for actors, dancers, mask-makers, directors, teachers and everyone interested in Balinese culture, art and theater.

In which language?

All workshops will be taught in English; all teachers have experience with international students groups.

How many students?

The group will be up to 12 participants.

What does the participant receive?

Certificate of completion
Unique carved wooden mask from
sacred Balinese wood.
An unique opportunity to perform for Balinese people in a traditional house, with traditional costume and Gamelan band (traditional live music).

What is included?

  • Accommodation with breakfast (23 nights in total).
  • All classes (carving, dance and theatre).
  • 3 cultural group activities (temple visit, mask maker tour, and a 3rd activity TBC).
  • Wood & tools (wood, a basic set of carving tools, a bamboo mat for working, acrylics, brushes, protection for the wood and hair for the masks).
  • Meditation at Sully resort meditation pyramid space.

What is not included?

  • Health insurance with Covid coverage (required and mandatory. Read more in FAQ).
  • Flights tickets.
  • Lunch, dinner.
  • Extra expenses.
  • Transportation.
  • Pick up/ Drop off airport.


Early Bird*

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Regular price

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